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Tokyo: Eating Local

Interior of a little hole in the wall Japanese French spot in Ginza. Only seats 20 people with no venting so the entire place stinks of meat-smoke. But so, so good.

Same spot. Each one of these wooden sticks was served with 4 pieces of meat per stick. Do the math! Delicacies included steak, pork 4 different ways, foie gras, liver, and others. I literally woke up in the middle of the night with a meat hangover.

Name and Menu for the meat place in Ginza. It is in a semi-dark alley, behind the Gucci, across the street from the BEAMS store. Not a word of English is spoken in the place.

Menu at my lunch spot I ate at yesterday by myself.

My lunch yesterday. My favorite. Unagi over rice. Why can’t this become a standard meal in US? everyone loves Unagi sushi…

Menu for dinner last night. My co-workers Tomi and Takashi took me to their favorite local Japanese restaurant. Again, down a semi-dark alley, in the basement (there is a lot of basement restaurants in Tokyo). Food was fantastic, and the drinks were even better! Soju and cold green tea is my new favorite cocktail. I also tried a traditional Japanese hot cocktail which is a peeled Japanese plum in the bottom of the glass and then you add Soju and hot water. The plum flavors the cocktail as subtly or strongly as you desire (depending on how much you poke and prod the plum). My favorite food dish was at the end of the meal, they served a bowl of rice and seaweed over which you pour hot green tea. It was delicious. Oh, and did I mention that everyone smokes in Tokyo, including IN the restaurants.


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