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V#26: Man on the Moon (JDK on the Moon)

JDK believes he will be living on the moon by 2050. His wife is not happy about this. This is an original drawing by JDK, originally conceptualized as part of JDK’s Justinistan collection (See Street Art Installations) – the original idea was a colonization of abandoned spaces, including the piers in the bay. A 2 color print, with a reflective silver ink and traditional black – just like the real astronauts.

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V#25: Los Murciélagos – My Wife’s Gang

This image is originally taken from stationary for a hotel that our friend Cameron Ewing found in Peru last year. The original inspiration for “los murcielagos” comes from the name of my wife’s gang she started in order to compete with my gang – Los Corpos.

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V#23: JDK Monogram (Rainbow)

JDK loves monogram sweaters – so the vee mongram is a natural evolution. The rainbow 3 color print. Pure inspiration.

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V#22: I’m Moving to Tokyo

I really am moving to Tokyo in 6 days – for 6 weeks.

2 color print. The sunny yellow really pops.

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V#21: Los Corpos – “Gang” T

Los Corpos is the name of my gang. The red “sold” pin is our icon. Sell out? Sold out?

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V#20: Cam X JDK Collaboration – Black Lace Googly Eyes

The ever prolific Cameron Ewing (www.cameronewing.com) came up with this design in what must be an ever dwindling moment of free time. Most famous for his Urban Birdhouse installation (http://urbanbirdhouses.com/), and his beekeeping endeavors (www.beesomebody.wordpress.com), Cam is a creative director somewhere important.

Caught in the act! Cam is wearing another of his own original designs - originally inspired by the underground cult band - The Blacks.


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V#19: I (Heart) Rich Girls

Yes. That is my wife’s hand.

Yes. That is my pants.

No. That is not my penis. Look closer.

I know you're looking at the size of my wife's wedding ring - but if you look closely, you can also see my thumb - that she is holding.

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V#18: Mr. Combover

In his spare time, JDK is actually a beekeeper. Check out his handy work at www.beesomebody.wordpress.com. He currently has 30,000 bees on his roof, making honey for him (and them). Mr. Combover is JDK’s self-appointed moniker when beekeeping, and also the name of his brand of local, 100%, San Francisco, roof top honey.

Two Color Print. Slightly off-set. Neon Pink and Sky Blue.

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V#15: Jason Fritz Collaboration: People Have Aids

Hailing from Detroit but a proud San Francisco stalwart, Jason Fritz is another impeccable artist from Unspeakable Projects. Featured on this tee is his People Have Aids concept tee.

In his own words:

Departing from the work of Katherine Hamnett and exploring the idea of a t-shirt standing in for activism rather than encouraging it, the simplistic or blanket statement forces one become more engaged with the politics of the message, not allowing ones shirt to do the work for them, but to explore the questions around our own activism. What are we doing? 
If you want heres the Bullet Magazine link: http://www.bullettmedia.com/article/artist-joy-fritz/
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