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V#25: Los Murciélagos – My Wife’s Gang

This image is originally taken from stationary for a hotel that our friend Cameron Ewing found in Peru last year. The original inspiration for “los murcielagos” comes from the name of my wife’s gang she started in order to compete with my gang – Los Corpos.

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V#23: JDK Monogram (Rainbow)

JDK loves monogram sweaters – so the vee mongram is a natural evolution. The rainbow 3 color print. Pure inspiration.

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V#21: Los Corpos – “Gang” T

Los Corpos is the name of my gang. The red “sold” pin is our icon. Sell out? Sold out?

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An original concept from JDK – original version was a GOCCO screenprint postcard for Mauri. For this version, JDK photocopied the GOCCO print, and then turned it into a large scale print. Thus the original art has been sent through multiple processes, changing slightly with each.

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V#11 My Bike Can Kick Your Bike’s Ass

This is my bike. I’ve had it for 4 years. I bought it off a guy as he road the bike, stopped at a red light, I complimented his bike, he asked if I wanted to buy it, and $75 later, I had a bike. I added the over-sized basket – which is ridiculous, but it fits two Trader Joe’s grocery bags perfectly side by side.

I drew this by hand. Notice how I tried to represent the chipped blue paint on my bike.


Original photo I used as inspiration for my drawing.

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Justin Limoges X JDK Collaboration: The Ritual of Getting Dressed (on the moon)

Justin Limoges is a famous artist who lives in the East Bay. Most of his amazing work can be found here: http://halfhoursonearth.typepad.com/. He is represented by Unspeakable Projects in San Francisco. http://unspeakableprojects.com/

A little known fact to those that don’t know him well, but JDK believes he’ll be living on the moon by 2050. This original art by Justin Limoges was first mailed through the USPS in response to JDK’s dreams of a life on the moon.

2 Color Print - Bright Yellow and Metallic Gray (with shine). Slight offset to create a glow

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V#6 Small Boobs Sunglasses

Size matters. Compare this left chest icon t, vs. the previous large back screen print. Totally different vibe.

2 color screenprint. Hand mixed flesh tone.

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V#2: Badass

My wife.

1 Color Print. My Wife - always the coolest

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